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What is being a member of SBW like?

SBW has a broad range of members – different ages, different backgrounds and different interests. We are united by our love of being in the bush. For some people that love is walking 30km on well-formed tracks, for others it is spending all day covering 5km in difficult off-track terrain. Our walks program covers both ends of the spectrum and most things in between. The constancy is that the activities are generally an all-day (or all weekend) affair.

With several hundred members there are many people to meet, and a large number of leaders who put on activities. Leaders all have their own personalities, styles and interests – you may take a few walks to work out whose style works for you. We are always keen to see members develop into leaders as that it what keeps our activities program fresh. We can support you if that is a path you would like to travel.

Even when you can’t be out walking we have a social program which runs monthly. This is an opportunity to meet members outside of the walking environment and learn about new topics. Once a month you get the Club magazine which has all the recent trip reports to keep you entertained, along with other articles of relevance to bushwalking and/or club members.

And if you don’t feel up to walking and just want to go camping you can utilise the Club’s property in Kangaroo Valley!

Quarterly activities Program:

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