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Collection of your personal information

The Sydney Bush Walkers Club collects contact details and address details to maintain a membership register in keeping with its obligations as a registered association. We also collect emergency contact details records of participation in club events.

The Sydney Bush Walkers Club website does not collect credit card details or other personal financial information. Payment transactions are handled by our external payment gateway.

Sharing of your personal information

The Sydney Bush Walkers Club will never provide your personal information to another organisation or to an individual external to the Club without seeking your specific authority to do so.

Use of your personal information

Non members will not be able to view or access your personal information.

Members will not be able to view contact or address information unless they are specifically authorised to do so for Club purposes such as distributing the Club magazine, organising events or other activities as authorised by the President or Club Committee.

The ability for other members to view your contact or other information can be set by each member through the security options in the member’s profile. The default setting is for contact information to be hidden from others. Members can view their own information and correct errors through the profile page on the website.

Contacting us

The Sydney Bush Walkers Club welcomes your comments regarding this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy and would like further information, please contact us by email.

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