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Historical Heroes from SBW

There are many people throughout the years who have contributed significantly to both the Club and to public life. Here is a collection of downloadable articles and research on just some of them:

Alex Colley OAM (1909 - 2014)

Wilf Hilder (1934-2011)

Henry Gold

Dot Butler (1911-2008)

Marie Byles (1900-1979)

Other Notable Members


From the Archives... Who Were The Tiger Walkers?

SBW-Tiger-Walkers.jpgImage: Tigers at Carlon Head, 25 April 1937. Left to right - Jack Debert, Gordon Smith, Bill McCosker, Len Scotland, David Stead, Alex Colley, Hilma Galliot, Dot English, Norbert Carlon, Max Gentle. Photo: Alex Colley.

Not all tigers have stripes and go on all fours. Some of them get a buzz from testing themselves against the wilderness. Such is the origin of the illustrious “Tiger Walkers”.

The Tigers originated in the Sydney Bush Walkers in the decades before the Second World War when bushwalking was in its infancy. They ventured into untracked wilderness with homemade gear, ate food that would turn our stomachs today, used maps that often had large white spaces with the daunting words “approximate” marked on them and often for days at a time. They covered distances still impressive by today’s standards with satisfaction coming from the journey itself.

Their motto was simply, “lets give it a go”.

The famous Dot Butler, alpine mountaineer who opened up new horizons for women was one.

The word ‘Tiger’ was part of an acronym made from some of the names of this original group. Being:

T Max Gentle
I Gordon Smith
G Hilma Galliot
E Alex Colley
R Jack Debert
S Bill McCosker
A David Stead
L Dot English (Butler)
L Len Scotland

Their spirit lives on in SBW today with a new band of Tigers emerging.


If this is your scene, then come and join them on some of the annual events the club runs such as The Six Foot Track (in a day), Kanangra to Katoomba K2K (in a day) and the demanding 3 Peaks challenge.

If this isn’t quite your scene, then we also cater for those who get their kicks from a more leisurely approach and make them feel equally at home in the Sydney Bushies.


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February 2017 - Autumn Program released!

The Autumn Program for 2017 is now out and has been emailed to members. Check it out for lots of great walks around Sydney and beyond. If you haven't got your copy, it can be downloaded from the Member's Area of the website. You'll need to login to access it.


Prospective Members, watch your Qs

Are you a Prospective Member and have completed your Qualifying (Q) day walks and overnight trip as well as the first aid and navigation training requirements? If yes, then you're eligible to become a Full Member!


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