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Pantoneys Crown, Gardens of Stone NP

Photo: Damon de Costa

  • 5 Oct 2019 4:40 PM | Basic Skills Coordinator (Administrator)

    The leader's instructions were meet at Wondabyne Station. The member programmed the destination into Google Maps; good news, he could drive  all the way.  Whoops !  Google didn't show the locked gate on Woy Woy Road.  Never mind, only three hours walk from there to Wondabyne Station. 

  • 17 Sep 2019 2:01 PM | Basic Skills Coordinator (Administrator)

    Log bridges are fun to walk across even if the creek is bone dry and it is completely unnecessary to use the bridge. Yengo NP 15 September. (Photo Paul Davis)

  • 4 Sep 2019 7:42 AM | Basic Skills Coordinator (Administrator)

    A party of 15 SBWs are exploring the Italian Dolomites on a 16 day walk. Perfect weather.  

  • 4 Sep 2019 7:00 AM | Basic Skills Coordinator (Administrator)

    Last week's rain got the creeks pumping and SBWs doing something they had not done for a long time - traversing flooding water. 

  • 12 Aug 2019 6:36 AM | Basic Skills Coordinator (Administrator)

    Snow, windy conditions and road closures disrupted a busy weekend of walking. Leaders were forced to cancel walks in the Blue Mountains, Wild Dogs and Newnes over the weekend of 10/11 August.  

  • 12 Aug 2019 6:00 AM | Basic Skills Coordinator (Administrator)

    Another great crop of new members have graduated to full membership in July :  Emma de Haas, Emma Gillyon, Kylee Hill, Sally Ho, Gary Landsdown, Derrick Lian, Karen McMahon, Sarah Nash, Anne Turner, Steve Watson

  • 5 Aug 2019 12:16 PM | Basic Skills Coordinator (Administrator)

    101 people joined SBW in the last three months.

    23 were under 30 years of age (the youngest was 20), with another 29  aged between 31 and 40.

    55% were women. 

    4 of the ten members who have qualified for Full Membership in July were under 40, with the youngest being 23. 

  • 5 Aug 2019 11:30 AM | Basic Skills Coordinator (Administrator)

    Last week above Refuge Bay, an SBW party re-discovered Camp X, the training camp used by commandos for a raid on Singapore in 1943.  Thick bush has reclaimed Camp X, but stones marking pathways are still there.

  • 18 Jul 2019 8:12 AM | Basic Skills Coordinator (Administrator)

    Once a quarter, SBW runs a Basic Skills Workshop at Centennial Park for prospective members as an essential component of their progression to full membership. We have a great pool of trainers from amongst our members, who may volunteer once, twice or even more often every year. We are looking to expand that pool of trainers in bushcraft, first aid or navigation.

    We have training materials to guide people on the day and there is even the possibility of buddying up initially until you get the hang of things. If you are interested in giving it a go or finding out more, please contract Mark Wigley - or 0411 558 205. It is always a fun day and is an excellent opportunity to meet and engage with the newer members of our club.

  • 18 Jul 2019 6:00 AM | Basic Skills Coordinator (Administrator)

    The bushwalker missing for 9 days near Lake St Clair did something many experienced bushwalkers have done to their regret.  He put down his pack to look for some missing equipment without taking a waypoint. When he returned, couldn't find his pack. 

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