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Once you join, you will have access to the Activities Program where you can review what is on offer and request to attend a walk and other activities. 

This section lets you know more about the Activities Programs, how to book a walk and details of walk etiquette.

Sugee Bag Creek, Dharug NP      

Photo: Stefan Bath      

Activities Program

  • Once you join, you’ll receive the current Activities Programs, where you can review what is on offer and find contact details to request to attend a walk and other activities. Every Monday, you’ll receive additional activities via email. Sample Programs (with contact details removed) from the last four seasons are available at the bottom of this page by clicking on the cover images.
  • On most weekends there are 4 to 6 day walks, 1 to 2 overnight walks and other activities that you can choose from.
  • A ‘Day Walk’ usually means that you will be gone all day, with most walks starting at 8am and typically finishing late afternoon.
  • Many of our walks are considered ‘hard’ by other bushwalking clubs. We strongly recommend you pick an easier day walk to begin with, to assess your fitness and skills.
  • Please note, due to the nature of our walks, it is usually not possible to leave a trip half way through.
  • Our walk leaders are volunteers: they have the right to accept or deny your request to join their walk based on your experience and fitness. Leaders will generally want to see that you have done easier club walks before accepting you on harder ones.
  • Group limits for each walk are dependent on the leader and the location, but are typically around 8-12 people for safety and to be manageable for leaders.

Booking on to your First Walk

  • Find a walk on the Program that interests you and matches your current skill level and experience. Typically this should be a day walk, at the easier end of the grading spectrum (eg grade M222 or less).
  • To ask to join the walk it is best to go to the Integrated Program and click on the leader's email address for the walk  (unless they have specified a different method of contact). An email with a pre-populated subject line & draft content will be created – saving you some time, and giving the leader more consistent information. Tell them you are new to the club and provide background information about your level of walking experience. Once accepted on the walk, confirm how much food and water you should bring, what kind of footwear and if any special gear is required. This is explained in more detail on the Sign-Up Etiquette page.

Walk Etiquette

  • If you are unable to attend a walk you are booked on, notify the Leader as soon as possible. Often there is a waitlist of walkers who will be keen to take your place.
  • Do not invite friends without the Leader’s permission.
  • Turn up before the time that the Leader has advised. Leaders rarely wait long. Contact the Leader if you are running late. 
  • Ensure you are adequately equipped for all possible conditions with suitable clothing, hat, rain gear, sunscreen, food, water, first aid kit, torch and good footwear.
  • Stay with the group. Do not go wandering off on your own.
  • Taking a lift? The recommended method for car pool cost sharing is 30 cents a kilometre divided by the number of people in the car. Drivers may suggest a different method.

Mount Strongleg, Blue Mountains NP      

Photo: Rachel Grindlay      

Main Range, Kosciuszko NP      

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