Nicole Mealing

Nicole on Besseggen Ridge, Jotunheimen NP, Norway.


Why do you bush walk?


To get to the other side? I bushwalk to see varied and spectacular nature, to be in the moment and far away from the city hussle, and because I just love it. I love standing on top of remote mountains and seeing far and wide. I love the mentality of other bushwalkers. I love the lack of needing technical gear. I love seeing the stars at night. I love that I can go with a group, or in a pair or solo. I can go in any season. I love that exhausted feeling at the end of a tough day. I love planning lesser known routes. I love the conversations that happen around campfires.


When did you join SBW?

I've been bushwalking since second year uni (2004) but didn't join SBW until 2013 - I'd run out of friends who had the time and energy to head outdoors with me.

What's your favourite piece of gear in your pack and why?

Currently my inflatable pillow - goodbye sleeping on my rolled up raincoat.


What is the average weight of your overnight pack, without water?

No idea!


What's one piece of advice you can offer new walkers that you wish you knew when you started?

A 400g glass (no glass!) jar of pasta sauce and 500g of spaghetti is waaay too much food for two dinners. 

A memorable walk?


Cresting the hill from Goats Pass to Moke Lake in New Zealand and finding it frozen over.



What kind of walks do you like?


Beautiful ones! Ones with interesting rock formations, swimming holes, wildflowers in bloom, high top views, camp caves, sea cliffs, waterfalls, cliff views, canyons, lovely trees, mossy creeks, glaciers, beaches, etc. I'm not a fan of walks with thick scrub or walks accessible to bus loads of tourists. 


Do you have a walks philosophy or motto? Never believe that what you currently think is the top of the hill you're slogging up is actually the top - not until you're standing on it. 
What's on your walking wish list?

Box Creek Falls, Kanangra-Boyd NP

Mother Woila, Deua NP

More walking in The Outback

The Budawangs

Sapphire Coast, Eden

High Alpine Way, Stubai Valley, Austria

Everything in southern Argentina and Chile

Something in Greenland involving views of the Ice Sheet


Any other passions/interests?

Eating, trail running, rogaining, kayaking, cycling touring, board games, card games and not talking about the progress of my PhD thesis.



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