Alex Allchin

Alex with his trusty twig stove (and hat!)

Why do you bush walk?

Mainly the feeling you get from being surrounded by the bush and having to rely on your skills along with the simple way of the bushwalkers life.

When did you join SBW?

As soon as I could - the day of my 18th birthday!

What's your favourite piece of gear in your pack and why?

Hmmm, I guess a bit of a tie between:

1. My trusty bushwalking hat

2. My indestructible and luxurious sleeping mat

3. My 1950s Paddy Pallin tent and pack

4. My well loved billy and billy sack.

What is the average weight of your overnight pack, without water?

It definitely varies on the style of trip, but my general philosophy is "less is best". It's not that my gear is ultra-lightweight or fancy, it's more that I leave most of it at home! So usually around 8kg without water, but I've done 5kg total on weekend trips before - it's great fun.

What's one piece of advice you can offer new walkers that you wish you knew when you started?

Go as light as you can and leave behind as much of your gear as you can get by with. Enjoyment gained from the reduced weight will offset any extra gear you didn't bring. Also, ditch the tent and get a fly, they're much lighter, easier to setup and provide the option of 5 million star accommodation!

A memorable walk?

"Dunphy's Kowmung Adventure" - A two week re-enactment completed with period gear and clothing of a 1914 bushwalk by Myles Dunphy and Bert Gallop down the Kowmung River.

What kind of walks do you like?

Adventurous walks!

Places I haven't been before or ones that are rarely visited

Canyons and river walking

Off track walking

Wilderness areas

Do you have a walks philosophy or motto?

"Bring a sense of adventure" is the usual philosophy for my trips. It's sort of a cover all for what to expect and how your attitude be when you come walking with me. It allows for among other things exploration, unknown factors, plans to change, walking into the night and most importantly of all, a whole lot of fun!

What's on your walking wish list?

Currently, more of:



Northern Blue Mountains

The Colo

The Kowmung

The Blue Breaks


Any other passions/interests?

Bushwalking is really my main passion. Related interests include conservation (I'm involved with both the Colong Foundation for Wilderness and Bushwalking NSW) and maps, especially old hand-drawn Dunphy maps.


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