Other Outdoor Activities

While the major part of Sydney Bush Walkers activities is bushwalking, there are plenty of other outdoor activities that make it on to the Club Program. Here are a few of them.


Sydney is one of the best places in the world to go canyoning. In the Blue Mountains, less than two hours drive form the city, are hundreds of slot canyons. Deep, dark and at times cold and wet, they attract thousands of visitors every summer to swim, jump, scramble and abseil through these narrow and beautiful streams.

To find out more about canyoning, you can check out these external site:

Canyoning trips appear on the Club Program on most weekends over summer, as well as late Spring and early Autumn. Most canyons involve abseiling, for which you will need the necessary equipment and training. The Club runs regular abseil training workshops which will teach you the minimum skills needed to descend safely.

If heights are not your thing, there are some popular canyons that don't require abseiliing, and can be enjoyed in summer floating down these narrow streams on a lilo.



There's nothing quite like the thrill and beat of your heart as you step towards the edge of a cliff - even with the full knowledge of being safely attached and protected by gear - the heart still flutters. Rather than just using abseiling for going down cliffs for the sake of it, it can be integrated into mountaineering, canyoning or to gain access to an extra special bit of wilderness for exploring. It is a great activity, but it can be dangerous and you should be trained by an expert before you attempt it alone. SBW are trying to include it more in our activities and you won't regret giving it a go. Check out our Abseiling page as a starting point on further information.


When you just want to sit back and let your arms do the work, kayaking is a good way to watch the world float by. It's a great activity that you can do even if your knees are done for from bushwalking for too many years! Read about Kayaking in New South Wales (PDF 602KB). You can find a whole new world down at water level. These trips appear regularly on the SBW program and with our lovely river frontage property in the Southern Highlands, you can enjoy kayaking with your own private campground! Take a look at these pictures of a Hawkesbury River Kayaking Trip (opens in new window). This is just one of many of SBW's leisurely kayaking trips.

Snow Activities

You come across snow and ice as part of our other activities but some of us seek this out specially of course. Download this article to read a little about what to expect with our Snow Activities (PDF 283KB).


Many members enjoy this as it is easier on the knees and you can cover a lot of ground quickly. Not only that, it helps the planet! You'll find cycling trips on the SBW program in most seasons. Download this Cycling Guide (Word Doc 28KB) for more information.

Car Camping

This is something we all do on the way to somewhere, or just when we want to take it easy for a few days. Car Camping allows us to carry those extra treats, keep things colder and a stack of creature comforts! For more about this activity, download this Car Camping Article (Word Doc 1.8MB).


As bushwalking is a social activity, we generally chatter as we go along. We're not the only ones chattering amongst ourselves in the great outdoors though! Keeping an ear out and eyes open whilst walking, you'll discover a whole other world... just don't forget to watch your feet as well. If you like, you can download this article on Birdwatching and Bushwalking (Word Doc 111 KB).

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