Canyoning Leader Pathway

Abseiling Empress Falls

Photo (c) Tom Brennan

Many of you have experienced the wonders and splendour of canyoning.

Flowing from the conduct of the club's Abseiling Instructional Workshops, we now have a large number of members who wish to go canyoning. This means we need to have Committee-endorsed Canyoning Leaders to meet the increased demand.

A proposal was approved in March 2010, and revised in September 2015 to 'grow' potential Canyoning Leaders via a simple 4-step process.

Canyon Leader Pathway

1. Seek assessment

Inform the Committee of their intention to seek assessment.

2. Improvised Rope Rescue

Be proficient in basic Improvised Rope Rescue (IRR) skills. If not, attend either a club-run course, or a recognised course with a commercial company. SBW will consider paying for or refunding the cost of such a course; this may be contingent on completion of the pathway and/or leading trips following that.

3. Assistant leader

Be linked to an existing SBW Canyon Leader(s) and attend two day abseiling canyons as assistant leader. Note that many potential canyon leaders have performed some of this step unofficially along the road to becoming experienced.

4. Co-leader

Put two day abseiling canyons on the program, with the proviso that these would be run under supervision from an existing leader(s)

Following the final step, the existing leaders would provide a recommendation to the Committee to endorse the member as a canyoning leader. Once Committee approval is granted, the member can put abseil canyon trips on the club program.

Abseling in Whungee Wheengee Canyon

Abseiling in Whungee Wheengee Canyon

Photo (c) Tom Brennan


Members with prior experience can enter at various levels. The pathway is flexible yet designed to give/validate the competencies needed to run safe and enjoyable trips.

Current Canyon Leaders

The following are Committee-endorsed Canyon Leaders

  • David Carmichael
  • David Mason
  • Ian Houghton
  • Lucy Keatinge
  • Neil Soutar
  • Rod Wales
  • Simon Hager
  • Terry Moss
  • Tom Brennan

Enquiries & Expressions of Interest

To enquire about any aspect of SBW's Canyoning Leader Pathway or to express your interest in potentially commencing the Pathway, please contact the Committee.

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