Bushwalking Recipes
After a big day out on the track (or off it), there's nothing better than kicking back around the campfire, the billy boiling at your feet, slurping on a cheeky red and cooking up a tasty feast.

Here are a few ideas to get you under way. If you've got some great outdoors cooking secrets, please share them with us at webmaster@sbw.org.au.

Whilst thinking about the tasty recipes for 1 below, here is a handy 2 weeks menu planner for a group.

Not altogether suited to bushwalking as such (due to weight and practicalities) there is an SBW favourite that is now published for all to see. Brilliant at Reunions and spoken of in hushed and reverent terms around campfires for years, we can now reveal Spiros spanakopita (PDF 64Kb). Enjoy!

Fish Cakes

Courtesy of Ken Brodrick - 1st Blaxland Scouts
1 packet of Tuna. (I've found "Safcol" Tuna in spring water with Lemon and pepper is best)
1 packet DEB instant mashed potato
1 small packet "Surprise" peas and corn

Empty the tuna into a bowl and crunch it up as best as you can.
Mix up half the DEB.
Mix the prepared DEB and the tuna together and form it into patties.
Boil enough water for the rest of the DEB and the peas and corn. Mix up the remaining DEB and boil the peas and corn while you fry the patties.
Feeds 2 and Ken reckons he can knock this up in about 15 minutes.

* as an alternative, you could take a sachet of Sweet Chilli Sauce and mix this into the patty mix, along with dried Coriander. Voila! Thai Fish Cakes!

Gourmet Apricot Camembert

Courtesy of Kununurra based John Storey and Susie & Richard Darke
One round of camembert cheese.
Cut three quarters of the way into the cheese (a horizontal cut, as if you were slicing a hamburger bun in order to butter it).
Add a generous amount of apricot jam.
Pack in double foil wrap.
Heat gently in camp fire for 10 mins (max!)
Spread onto water crackers to serve.

Risotto Au-Go-Go

1/3 cup Arborio Rice
1/2 cup dried mushrooms
Stock powder or cube (vegie or chicken)
1/2 tsp onion powder (or dried onions)
Generous shake of garlic powder
Dried parmesan cheese (for serving)

Place all ingredients (except cheese) in a ziplock bag in the comfort of your own home.
At camp, boil enough water to just cover the rice.
Drop contents of bag into boiling water.
Keep one eye on the billy and the other on the cheeky red.
As the rice soaks up the water, keep topping it up and stirring regularly so it doesn't cook onto the bottom of the pot.
Check on the red.
The rice should take approx 10-12 mins to cook, during which time the mushies will soften and wonderful flavours will be released to make all your friends jealous.
Taste the rice to check if it's soft enough.
Top up the red.
If cooked, sprinkle with cheese and devour with glee... along with what's left of the red.

Note: You'll need to be camping somewhere near a good water supply for this recipe as it does take a lot of liquid.

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