Attending Your First Walk


Do an Easy Walk First : get used to the SBW culture, how we organise things, and get an understanding of what the gradings mean before you try a Q walk

Tell the Leader about your fitness and experience : help the leader manage the walk group 


Once you become a new Prospective Member, you'll receive the current Activities Program and you can book on your first walk straight away. On most weekends there are around 4 to 6 day walks, 1-2 overnight walks and possibly other activities that you can choose from. The Short Notice Activities email which is sent out on Monday nights may also have additional walks. For retirees and shift workers, there are some mid-week walks too.

What To Expect

At Sydney Bush Walkers, a 'Day Walk' means that you will be gone all day, with most walks starting at 8am-9am and not returning to the cars until at least 4pm, and often later in Summer. Because of this, it is recommended that you don't plan evening activities for the day of a walk, as you may be disappointed. Please note that due to the nature of many of our walks, it is not possible to leave a trip half way through. Read the Walks Grading chart at the beginning of the Walks Program and pick an easier walk to begin with to gauge the level of walks before progressing to more advanced ones.

Group limits for each walk are dependent on the leader and the location, but are typically around 8-12 people for safety and to be manageable for leaders. It is also a good size for getting to know those who are on a walk with you without feeling like there are too many people.

View the Current Albums Gallery

Get a visual idea of what the various walks and activities are like at SBW by visiting the Current Albums page.

How to Book on a Walk

To book, you need to email (or call) the trip leader listed on the Walks Program.

Unless you are already well known to the leader, in the email you should generally let them know the following information:

  • that you want to join the walk
  • whether you are a Prospective Member or Full Member
    • if you are a Prospective Member, let the leader know when you joined the club
  • what bushwalks you have done before, both with the club, and outside the club (eg with friends) - the more recent the better. As you start doing walks with the club, it is a good idea to keep a list of the walks that you do, so that you can let other leaders know when you apply for their walks.
  • if you have not bushwalked much before, what activities you do for general fitness (running, cycling, etc) and how often/how long

Leaders may also ask you questions. Because safety and everyone's enjoyment of the walk is paramount in our volunteer leaders' minds, expect the "third degree" for your first couple of walks. Please keep in mind that leaders are volunteers who give their time, energy and expertise so others can share the enjoyment of bushwalking. Think about the leader's responsibility to you and other party members, and try to assist by giving accurate information in the spirit of cooperation.

The purpose of these questions is to determine as best as possible whether the walk that you are considering is the right sort of walk for you in this stage of your bushwalking career. The safety and enjoyment for you and other members of the party depends on you being open and honest in your answers.

Some questions you may be asked include:

  • Are you a Full Member or a Prospective Member?
  • What bushwalks have you done in the last month or two?
  • Which other club leader(s) have you walked with before?
  • Your phone number?
  • In which suburb do you live?
  • Will you be driving or taking public transport?
  • Would you be willing to carpool? If driving, how many passengers can you take?

If you are accepted on the walk, closer to the time of the walk, the leader will give you information about the walk. This will typically include information/options on transport and other logistics.

Once you've booked on a trip, check out Gear for Walks for packing lists and handy tips. You can also ask about the food and water that you will need to bring, what footwear would be best (e.g. runners, boots, Volleys, waterproof shoes, etc) as well as any special gear you will need. Refer also to the 'Walker Guidelines' section towards the back of the Activities Program for more general information about what to do on a walk.

The Next Information Night is on Wednesday 8 May 7.30 to 8.30pm

The Next Social Night - Dog Sledding in Sweden - is on Wednesday 15 May 7.30 to 9pm. 

New Members Information Nights are held every second Wednesday of the month upstairs at 16 Fitzroy Street Kirribilli, 7:30pm - 8:30 pm. Just turn up.  Social nights are held every third Wednesday of the month at the same place 7:30pm - 9 pm.  

Prospectives  can borrow gear for their first overnight Q walkContact . Gear Loan Rules

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